Science Week

This week in first class, we worked on some fun projects together as part of science week.

We have been learning all about different habitats in which animals live throughout the world; this week the pupils worked together to make some wonderful animal habitats. The pupils used shoeboxes and other materials to make dioramas to show their chosen habitat. They worked hard to make ocean, pond, polar, desert, woodland and rainforest habitats. The pupils gave impressive oral presentations to the second class pupils about their habitats, providing facts about its plants, animals and climate.


IMG_0517[1] IMG_0516[1] IMG_0515[1] IMG_0514[1] IMG_0501[1] IMG_0483[1] IMG_0480[1] IMG_0493[1] IMG_0500[1] IMG_0498[1] IMG_0495[1] IMG_0450[1]

The pupils explored their sense of taste by carrying out a ‘taste-test’. They completed an investigation to figure out which part of the tongue tasted bitter, sour, sweet and salty flavours through a ‘taste test’. We learnt a lot and had lots of fun at the same time!

IMG_0504[1] IMG_0506[1] IMG_0507[1] IMG_0509[1] IMG_0512[1]

Finally, the pupils also made bird feeders using plastic bottles, which they decorated and filled with oats for the birds to feed on.

IMG_0538[1] IMG_0539[1] IMG_0525[1]

Thursday Letter 13th October 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians / A Thuismitheoirí agus a Chaomhnóirí,


With thanks to (parent) Lisa, we received a bursary from Noel Rock and Norma Salmon who were in the school yesterday for a photo shoot with children, staff and parents.

Policy Review Invite

As partof our annual review of the Anti-bullying policy we invite all parents to give feedback. Please complete this short survey by Monday.

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Thursday Letter 6th October 2016


Irish Paralympian Greta Streimikyte visits 3rd Class

Irish Paralympian Greta Streimikyte visits 3rd Class

Dear Parents and Guardians / A Thuismitheoirí agus a Chaomhnóirí,

Healthy Eating Policy

We recommend water over juice for healthy lunch boxes as the children can drink the water throughout the day when they are thirsty.

National Tree Day

Today is National Tree Day and 5th and 6th classes enjoyed a tour of the Botanic Gardens.

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